Amber Rose is known for a lot of things, like providing beauty inspo nonstop + being the author of How to Be a Bad Bitch. One thing you may not have known about the model-actress is her love of sharing special moments in her two-year-old son Sebastian’s life on Instagram.

Instead of going the routine route and uploading shots of the little guy playing with toys or taking a bite out of a meal, she’s sharing videos of the fundamental lessons she is teaching her son, ABCs + beyond. Check out four ways Amber Rose is killing it as Bash’s mom-teacher below.

1. She’s Turning Him Into a Wordsmith: Yeah, Sebastian may only be two, but that doesn’t mean he can’t learn big words. Amber wrote “I teach Sebastian a new word every week that would be seemingly difficult for a 2-year-old but he kills it every time.” In this video the smart toddler learned the word “translucent” and what it meant thanks to a visit to the aquarium. Try not to watch this one a million times while you wait for Amber to upload Bash’s next word of the week.

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Another Day teaching my boy 😍

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2. She’s Teaching Bash Noise Association: Are you really a two-year-old if you aren’t making lots of noises?! The model mom clearly understands that but wants her son to correctly associate those sounds with where they come from. Sidenote, two snaps for Bash who can play + learn at the same time, that’s some serious multitasking for an adult, let alone a toddler.

3. She’s Making Sure He Knows His ABCs: Yeah, so he gets a little distracted by a comb when reciting his alphabet in this video, but we’re sure Bash is a pro at the ABCs and will more than likely ask you to sing with him next time ;)

4. She’s Giving Lessons on Boundaries: Kids are curious and want to get to life beyond their crib before parents come and take them out. Amber wants to make sure her little guy doesn’t accidentally fall out of his and bump his head. Looks like Bash totally understands and won’t be trying an escape act anytime soon.

BONUS: Clearly Bash is an A+ student for Momma Amber because she recently shared a snap of his arrrrrrrrrr-some pirate-themed playroom. Hey Bash, can we get an invite to a playdate?! Thanks, buddy + keep up the good work!

Which Amber Rose Instagram video lesson to Sebastian is your favorite (aka the cutest)? Let us know in the comments.

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