Move over, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer 鈥 there鈥檚 a new bestie duo winning our hearts, and they might just be the world鈥檚 newest #friendshipgoals aspirations. (Here鈥檚 your spoiler warning, American Idol fans 鈥 shoo if you鈥檙e not up to date!) Sara Sturm and Lee Jean are moving up the ranks in the final season of American Idol, and on last night鈥檚 show, the best part wasn鈥檛 even the fact that they made the cut on the final Hollywood Week round with their amazing performances of 鈥淪omewhere Only We Know鈥 and 鈥淪titches,鈥 respectively. The best part was watching their adorable friendship grow and swooning over their love for each other. Take a look:

OUR HEARTS! When it came time to cut 25 contestants, these two were in separate rooms, so they didn鈥檛 know if they other had made it until after the fact. Watching 18-year-old Sara and 16-year-old Lee reunite and realize the other had made it was about as emotional as watching The Notebook 鈥 even though the two swear they鈥檙e just friends.

鈥淢e and Lee are just friends! He鈥檚 three years younger than me, he鈥檚 like my little brother,鈥 Sara laughed at the camera. And while we love this friendship for what it is, we can鈥檛 help but think, 鈥淪ure鈥 for now.鈥

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(Photo via @sarasturm )