Credit it to Americans’ Irish roots, our love of fast food, or our deep desire for delicious snacks, but here’s the not-so-shocking truth: Americans love their potatoes. And their favorite form of these popular tubers? French fries. Seriously — only 0.8 percent of Americans say they don’t heart ’em, according to National Today‘s recent survey.

A full 16 percent of respondents said that fries were their favorite form of potato, followed by mashed potatoes (15 percent), baked potatoes (12 percent), and hash browns (11 percent).

And how do Americans generally take their fries? Most people are obsessed with the curly variety (22 percent). After that, people opt for chili cheese fries (15 percent), cheese fries (13 percent), standard cut (10 percent), and waffle fries (10 percent).

When it comes to where they purchase their fave fries, the answer probably won’t surprise you: 34 percent prefer McDonald’s (Mickey D’s *is* home to “America’s Favorite Fry,” after all), followed by Arby’s (13 percent), Five Guys (10 percent), and Chick-fil-A (10 percent).

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