DIY This Copper Pipe Wardrobe in 15 Minutes

I LOVE copper and could not be more stoked on its ever growing popularity within the home decor world. Being a longtime copper fan-girl, I’ve always wanted to try to DIY something with it, but it seemed a little daunting. For my first go, I wanted something that would be simple and easy for everyone, and let me get real with you: This is literally the easiest thing I’ve ever made! All said and done, it took under 15 minutes to construct. It’s also the perfect solution to living in a space that doesn’t come with a built-in closet, which is a very common city problem.


  • (2) 60-inch copper pipes
  • (4) 24-inch copper pipes
  • (1) 36-inch copper pipe
  • clear epoxy
  • (2) copper pipe tees
  • (2) copper pipe elbows


To create your base, attach two of the 24-inch pipes together with one of the tees, using the epoxy to adhere together. Repeat this step with the other two 24-inch pipes.

Place the two bases aside and give them some time to dry. I used five-minute epoxy, because I’m super impatient, and it worked like a charm! Next, attach the 36-inch pipe to the two copper elbows; this will be where you hang your clothes from.

At this point, you’re almost done. See, easiest project ever! Attach the two 60-inch pipes to the two bases.

Now, using the epoxy, attach the bases to the top piece.

In just four steps, you’re finished!

So minimal chic!

Seriously loving this.

“Mhmmm… what to wear?”

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DIY Production and Styling: Cassidy Miller

Photography: Brittany Griffin