17 Modern + Minimalist DIY Plant Stands That’ll Transform Your Space

Plants already do a pretty good job of sprucing up our homes, but you’re ready to take it to the next level. Upgrade your favorite potted plant with a DIY plant stand that’s sure to transform your space. Whether you dig monochromatic metallic planters or color-dipped wooden stands, this list of creative plant stands you can make are sure to win you over. Read on to inspire your next DIY project with these modern + minimalist plant stands.

2. DIY Wooden Plant Stand: Elevate your favorite planter with a wooden plant stand. As simple as it sounds, the boost will give your home greens a surprisingly fresh and modern upgrade. (via One Little Minute)

3. DIY Acrylic + Wooden Plant Stand: Make this dreamy DIY plant stand using an acrylic box and wooden dowels. Though the materials that make up the plant stand are simple, there’s no doubt they combine to create one seriously chic contemporary construct. (via Monsters Circus)

4. DIY Raised Copper Pot Plant Stand: Never underestimate the power that metallic accents have when it comes to transforming your space. This plant stand made of copper pipes will add a touch of sophistication to any plain planter while maintaining those minimalist vibes. (via Pure Sweet Joy)

5. Marble + Copper Plant Stand DIY: For a stand that’s nothing short of fancy, pair a marble tile with copper pipes for legs. Once finished, the elegant structures will earn you plenty of compliments and questions from your friends as to how you pulled it off. (via A Joyful Riot)

6. Concrete Planter + Wooden Stand DIY: For a decorative item that’s equally sturdy and minimalistic, pair a plant stand made of thick square wooden dowels with a concrete planter. Be warned: It can get a little messy with the quick-drying concrete mix, so consider using a mixing bowl and a spoon you wouldn’t mind ruining. (via Francois et Moi / Homedit)

7. West Elm-Inspired DIY Plant Stand: Save big bucks with this DIY take on a West Elm-inspired plant stand. The whole project costs around $6, which is a steal considering the alternative store-bought option. Experiment with both light and dark wood for a range of different looks and feels. (via The Rugged Home)

8. Mini Plant Stands: Upgrade your basic potted plants with these minimal and modern stands. Although these were made using E6000 glue, you can totally use a nail gun for extra support. (via Homey Oh My!)

9. Acacia Wood Plant Stand DIY: For this IKEA hack, use a generous amount of super glue to attach wooden acacia plates onto the original white metal circles. Though, if there’s another set of plants you’ve got your eye on — go for it! Whether you choose to go with marble slabs or metallic trinket dishes, the possibilities are endless. (via Sugar & Cloth)

10. Bullet Planter DIY: Combine a cone-shaped planter pot with weldable steel rods for a seriously unique plant stand. If the pot you’re working with doesn’t look quite as minimalist, consider spraying it with primer and an enamel paint to achieve a similar finish. (via Tatertots and Jello)

11. Skinny Planter Stand DIY: This DIY project proves window boxes don’t always have to stay perched under your windows. Made of a window box and gold-painted aluminum tubes, this gorgeous skinny planter stand will make a perfect addition to your entryway. (via A Beautiful Mess)

12. DIY Copper Pipe + Wood Slice Side Table: Rustic meets modern in this copper and wood plant stand. The bare wood, though rustic, gives off a simple and sleek vibe. (via Fall for DIY)

13. Rope + Copper Plant Stand DIYs: If you can’t find a plant stand that already comes with a copper finish, no problem. Simply use copper spray paint on the stand of your choice for a modern touch. Make sure to find a stand with a flat top, then tightly wrap rope around the top and there you have it: modern + minimal perfection. (via Stories)

14. Mini Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand DIY: For a more mid-century modern style, opt for tapered legs when making your plant stand. Leave as is for a natural look or brighten it up with a coat of paint. (via Happiness Is Creating / DIYS.com)

15. DIY Wire Plant Stand: If you love your share of DIYs that require little-to-no effort, consider this super simple project. Repurpose lampshades with wires that connect the top and bottom by turning them into these chic plant stands. To find those wire lampshade frames, visit your local thrift store. (via The Merrythought)

16. DIY Metal Lantern Plant Stand: You can potentially save hundreds with this Kmart hack. If you totally dig the modern geometric trend, make sure to pick up a metal lantern on your next trip to Kmart. To stay true to this look, keep your bowl and stand monochromatic. (via Adorablest)

17. Piano Stool: Whether you happen to have a no-longer-used piano stool laying around or find one at the flea market, this stool makeover is a must-have for a basic potted plant. Rather than painting the whole thing a matte white, play around with your application and let some of the natural wood shine through for a one-of-a-kind contemporary look. (via Nur Noch)

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