This Is Why Amy Schumer Might Not Take Photos With Fans Anymore
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This Is Why Amy Schumer Might Not Take Photos With Fans Anymore

Amy Schumer has never been one to keep quiet when something isn’t sitting right with her — just see the angry message she penned to Glamour over their choice of words in an article she was featured in (“without her consent,” as she was quick to point out).

Now, the comedienne (and now author!) is putting her foot down once more, but this time, it’s with her fans (she’s not the only one — check out Chrissy Teigen’s threat to quit social media over online bullying).

Following what she called a scary situation, Amy took to Instagram to say that she wouldn’t be taking photos with enthusiasts anymore after a man ran up to her with a camera and startled her. She said that when she asked him to stop, he responded by saying, “No, this is America and we paid for you.”

An outpouring of both support and outrage ensued, and while Amy seemed to soften a bit, sharing this subsequent post on Twitter, she remained firm in her stance that her public status does NOT come with a photo requirement policy.

The man has since come forward to claim it was Amy who was rude in the situation, and can be seen apologizing in this footage, but either way, it’s a good reminder that celebrities are, after all, human, and entitled to their privacy.

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(h/t E!, photos by  Jason Merritt and Christopher Polk/Getty and @amyschumer)