It’s no secret that a diet full of fiber-rich recipes is good for you. Fiber can help you feel fuller longer, and also aids in good digestion and even weight loss. But when it comes to grains, many of us are left wondering whether or not our breads and pastas are highly processed, and whether or not we should really be using that gluten-containing flour in our baked goods. Of course, if you have a gluten intolerance, it’s a no-brainer… but for the rest of us, ancient grains may be a great (and tasty) solution. These eight wholesome ancient grains tend to be minimally processed, are PACKED with fiber, and are easy to use in healthy dessert recipes, bread recipes, and other creations.

First, let’s talk about spelt flour. Spelt is NOT gluten-free. It’s a type of heritage wheat grain that happens to be *packed* with protein, making it great for people who are trying to boost their protein intake (think vegans, vegetarians, and people looking to build muscle).

Teff flour, on the other hand, is totally gluten-free. It hails from Ethiopia, where it’s been used in breads and other baked goods for hundreds of years. It’s just one of the gluten-free flours on our list, alongside buckwheat, amaranth (a starchy, seed-like grain), and millet (another seed-like grain).

But back to the gluten-containing flours. Barley, bulgur wheat, and farro are all incredibly tasty, and can be used to make homemade breads, home-brewed beer, and all manner of porridge recipes. Happy cooking!

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