While we’re hustling during fall, winter, and spring, the summer is prime time to slow down and chill the eff out. But saying it and doing it are two totally different things: Just ask Anna Camp.

The Pitch Perfect 3 star partnered with Nestea for the launch of their new iced teas brewed with just a few simple ingredients. But she’s not just sipping on the summertime bev; Camp is spilling the tea on how she’s applying their “less is more” philosophy in her everyday life.

“As I’ve gotten older, it’s become more important to me to think less is more,” Camp said. “When you’re growing up, you’re in this race to always be going out or getting the next job or reading what everyone else is. The older that I get, I realize there is no competition and [it’s important] to take the time out to really listen to me and my inner thoughts and follow my own personal bliss.”

So how exactly does she do that? Watch the video above to learn her genius trick to starting the day on a positive, anxiety-free note.

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(Photo via Craig Barritt/Getty)