Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake have been making the rounds promoting their upcoming movie Trolls, and it’s given us an opportunity to see just how amazing of a comedic duo they really make. It’s certainly no secret that both Anna and Justin are hilarious on their own (have you seen Justin in one of his many SNL appearances? COME ON), but together, we can’t help but think they’re the next best thing to a dream Anna and Channing match-up.

Here are a few times our newest fave Hollywood dream team were more than just the voices of CGI troll dolls.

When everything went terribly wrong at this press event and they had the BEST reaction. As part of the Trolls press tour, Anna and Justin made a stop to ceremoniously light up the famous London Eye ferris wheel, but it went NOWHERE near as planned. After the big countdown, the two finally pushed the button and… nothing happened. They instantly broke down laughing, with Justin continuing to try to get it to work — which it eventually did. This was literally how you and your BFF would have reacted.

When they made a DREAM of a duet. Justin’s song of the summer that was conveniently (and confusingly!) marketed at having anything at all to do with Trolls wasn’t a fair shake at seeing these two in a song together. But their cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors?” NO, YOU’RE CRYING!

When Justin was right there by Anna’s side as she grieved over recent Great British Bake Off drama. On a recent Graham Norton Show appearance together, Anna dished her recent sadness over the hosts and judge Mary Berry not returning to the hit baking competition show. “It immediately turned [hosts] Mel and Sue into folk heroes, and we’re all so proud of Mary for following suit,” she gushed, with her bestie right by her side supporting her obsession — and her sadness.

When they were literally the teenage version of you and your bestie — aka they TOTALLY geeked out over Gwen Stefani together. While at Comic Con together, Justin and Anna described what it was like when Gwen Stefani (who also appears in Trolls) was on set. “She’s like the raddest chick on the planet,” Justin said, with Anna adding, “We were both pretty geeky the day that she was there. I came in for a recording session and just caught the tail end of Gwen’s session, and I was like full-on saucer-eyed.”

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When they spent all of Cannes hanging out and goofing around. These two make long days of interviews and press look like SO MUCH FUN, as evidenced by their time at Cannes back in the spring. Every red carpet and photo shoot looked like the best time ever. They even made a point of befriending the photographers, because of course they did.


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