Brand loyalty is kind of overrated, right? If you’re a free-spirited tech lady that buys the products she’s into no matter their brand name, you’ve likely run across one annoying problem: the device sync. If you’ve got an Android phone (like one of those brand spankin’ new Galaxy Notes) but a Mac computer, you may have given up hope for a cross-platform sync. You may think you’ll suffer without the cross-device iMessage feature all your Apple friends go on about. But you’re wrong. There’s totally a way to get your Android texts and reply to them from your Mac. Score!

Woman using phone and laptop

Let us introduce: Noti. Noti is a free app for your Mac that specializes in, you may have guessed, notifications. First, you need to download Pushbullet onto your Android phone. Pushbullet is an app that links up Android devices, much like Apple’s iCloud/iMessage/multi-device extravaganza. Noti basically just takes notifications from Pushbullet and converts them so they’re readable from your Mac’s notification center.

To get set up, download Noti and then sign in with your Pushbullet account. You’ll do a two-step verification and then you can send up an encryption password, if you would like. Then, every time you get an SMS on your Android, it will pop up on your Mac screen. You can choose to either type back directly from the Mac notification, delay a response for later or ignore the message.

Our only advice is to be careful who you tell about this awesome new feature, because you’ll never have an excuse for not responding to a message ever again.

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(h/t How-To Geek; photo via Getty, Kimberly Wang/Brit + Co)