We’re suckers for some good old teamwork. There’s just something about people coming together to work toward a common goal that makes our hearts feel like a sappy romantic comedy: all warm and fuzzy. That’s just one reason why we’re absolutely drooling over the new collab between fashion labels A.P.C. and Outdoor Voices.

French brand A.P.C. has been in the fashion game since 1987, making European minimalistic ready-to-wear clothing, while Outdoor Voices is a three-year-old American recreational brand. Both of these brands are onto something good — simple, functional, minimalist clothing — which is why the unlikely pair makes for the perfect marriage. When they came together to make a new line of athletic wear, we were immediately sold. Scroll down to check out some of our favorite pieces.


Calvin who? Forget the logo-embossed workout bras you’re used to sporting. This stuff does away with all the extras and puts the focus where it should be — on your workout.


This anorak is bound to be our new fall bae. We love that the ditsy print adds a bit of contrast while still being simple and chic. Wear it to the gym in those autumn-to-winter months or to class on days when you crave that perfect combo of comfy and cute.


Did we mention there were matching shorts? Because there are, and we’ll take 10 please. See that nifty little pocket? You finally have a place to store your keys while you run. Thanks, A.P.C. x Outdoor Voices. Ya’ll are the real MVPs.


Ah, finally we meet the perfect sweatpant. Not too baggy and not too tight, this one looks like a real winner. Wear it to bed, to lounge around, to work out or to hang out.


Combine those sweats with this long-sleeved body suit for a look that takes athleisure to the next level. Hey, you might be able to take this one to the bar.

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(Photos via A.P.C.)