Being a pet parent is so fun and rewarding: You get to work out together, get them dressed everyday, even help plan their weddings! But it can also be anxiety-inducing. Since our pets can’t speak to us, it’s often hard to tell when something is wrong — and if you’re anything like us, you always jump to the worst conclusions. Dragging them to the vet every time they sleep a little more than usual or don’t eat their dinner is expensive and stressful for both of you! Now Petnostics is aiming to give you better insight into your pet’s health with their new pet health screening app.


The Petnostics app works in conjunction with their at-home urine collector. Basically, your pet pees in a cup just like you would at a doctor’s office, only you’re the one who analyzes the results at home with the app. The cup has a lid with an attached test strip. Once the strip comes in contact with the urine, colored blocks appear on the lid’s outer surface. You use the app to analyze the color-coded results that appear on the lid. The app will tell you if kitty is suffering from bladder crystals, a urinary tract infection or even diabetes. You can easily share the results with your vet if that’s the case, immediately getting your fur baby the care they need.


The urine collector will run you $15, and a single test will cost $10, though you can also buy the tester in bundles: four tests for $30, or 12 tests for $80. Petnostics founder Stephen Chen is a pet parent who was working in the medical tech field when he “saw an opportunity for pet parents to leverage the technology and take more control of their pet’s health and happiness.” Vets agree that urine samples are one of the easiest and most effective ways to check in on your pet’s health and this app allows you to check in without the stress and cost of a (potentially unnecessary) vet visit. We’ll woof to that.

DL: Free on iOS and Android

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