So, the news is out — Apple took our comfortably familiar Home button. We learned the hard way that you can’t use the new Home button with gloves on — but really, why would you keep your gloves on while you press the button and then take them off to continue using your phone? — and we had to learn a new way to reset the phone. Until now though, we didn’t know what would happen if the Home button broke. Eek!

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black Home Screen

Thank goodness Apple thinks of everything. Remember the little virtual Home button that comes built into the iPhone? Now if your Home button starts malfunctioning, your phone will pop up a dialog that says “The Home Button May Need Service. In the meantime, you can use the onscreen Home button below.” and will even bring up the virtual Home button automatically!

While we don’t think it’s really common for the Home button to break, we still suggest testing out the virtual button in case yours does. The full shortcut is Settings > General > Accessibility. From there you can toggle Assistive Touch and try it out!

Since a broken Home button means you won’t be able to use Touch ID, which will get annoying really fast, we recommend you make an appointment at your local Genius Bar ASAP. Nobody wants to deal with a spazzy Home button, and the virtual button is definitely not a permanent fix.

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(h/t TechRadar; photos via Getty)