Sure, the old adage says April showers bring May flowers, but for expectant parents, they might also bring a new baby or two. If you’re narrowing down your baby name list, we’ve got a few creative baby names for you to consider. Whether you’re feeling nature-inspired monikers or vintage baby names, the options are endless for your tiny tot. Scroll on for 12 baby names inspired by the glorious month of April.


Best Baby Girl Names for April

1. Selena: Give your baby girl a powerful, memorable name by bestowing her with the same name as the incredible Latina icon who died way too young.

2. April: Okay, it might be on the nose, but when their birth month sports a name this pretty, there’s no need to come up with something better. Plus, no one will ever forget when your baby girl was born. #Worthit.

3. Diamond: Whether you’re referencing Rihanna’s “Diamonds” or April’s birthstone, give your daughter a name that dazzles.

4. Fenway: Hotdogs, beer and goofy seventh-inning stretch rituals: Yep, baseball season is back. Pass down your love of the sport with a baby name honoring one of the most famous baseball parks.

5. Scarlett: Pay homage to the fiery Aries sign with this trendy color name — no ginger hair required.

6. Rain: Aries might be a fire sign, but for most of the country, this month means rain — lots of it. Make the most of the gray weather and add some cheerful vibes with this nature-inspired name.


Best Baby Boy Names for April

1. Earth: There’s no better way to honor Earth Day than to crown your tiny tot with a name that shows just how in tune you are with nature.

2. Thomas: With Hamilton-mania sweeping the nation, there’s renewed interest in the Founding Fathers. Sure, Thomas Jefferson might be a villain in the play, but that doesn’t mean you can’t steal his classic name for your babe.

3. Harold: April 12 is National Library Worker’s day, giving you the perfect excuse to name your bouncing baby boy after a beloved book character. Our pick? The uber creative Harold of Harold and the Purple Crazon.

4. Oak: Speaking of holidays, why not give your bundle of joy’s name a tiny nod to Arbor Day, which also happens to fall in April? With a name as strong as Oak, there’s no doubt he’ll be a champ.

5. Michael: Sure, it might be called “March Madness,” but true devotees know that the best parts of the tournament always run into April. Give your baby boy a head start in the sports department by giving him a name that honors one of the greatest basketball legends of all time.

6. Camden: While Fenway Park might be the most famous baseball park, we’re gonna hedge our bets and call Camden Yards the prettiest one. This baby name will add extra cheer to your opening day celebrations.

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