Well, 2017 has officially begun, and let’s just say she’s not messing around. As beauty enthusiasts, it’s our job to find the craziest-yet-coolest trends for you (and us!) to try, and, by golly, we think we’ve found it. Cue aquarium nails. That’s right. This Ariel-approved trend is exactly what it sounds like — sans the fish, of course. With acrylic, baby oil (or water) and nail baubles, your nails will look just like the ’90s glitter-filled cups of your childhood (only a million times more fabulous). Take a dive into the wonderful world of awesomely OTT nail art with one of these funky renditions.

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1. Pink Stars: As a #fashionista, you know that details are everything, and really, what could be better than tiny pink stars floating around in your nails? With one shake, your fingers will be totally galactic.

2. Bling-Bling: Gem-covered, ombre and aquarium nails all in one? Yes, please. If you’re looking to make a super glam statement, this Holy Grail of nail trend combos is for you.

3. Mermaid-Lover: If the mermaid life is what your dreams are made of, you need these one-of-a-kind beauties. Let your mind drift into the world of seashells and pearls every time you see your Ariel-approved nails.

4. Winter Glam: This one is for the queens of all things snowy and glowy. I mean, what could possibly say “winter wonderland” like a snow globe on your finger?!

5. Gold and Glitz: When you can’t choose between gold, rose gold and gemstones, opt for all of them! There is no limit to the fabulously blingy possibilities when you embrace the world of OTT nail art.

6. Pretty and Pink: Fill your aquarium nails with some of your fave girly items for a super #feminista look. It’s a subtle way to show off your bold style without having to scream it to the world.

7. Bedazzled: We love the idea of kicking up our accent-nail game to be a glitter-filled, star-studded aquarium. *Heart eyes* all the way.

8. Fiji: If you’re less Ariel and more #girlboss on the go, this bubbly ode to your fave water brand is the way to go when it comes to OTT nails. It’s amazing and we’re kind of obsessed.

9. Two for One: Not only are these nails part of the aquarium trend, but they change colors too! Talk about a nail trend marriage made in heaven.

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