As with any kind of art we put in our homes, we want it to feel unique and totally us. ArtCling is a new branch of ArtCorgi that’s delivering custom, made-to-order works of art from your own personal photo collection, but that’s not even the coolest part of their concept. If you want to commission original artwork, they will match you with an artist based on your budget and style profile — after a drafting session with your artist, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind, reusable, self-adhering fabric piece that you can apply to walls, windows, laptops and more.

An ArtCling is a poster-like printed fabric that you can stick to any wall without damaging anything using Walls360 technology. You can then reuse it or move it to another room whenever you need to. The clings are so sturdy that you can crumple it up in a ball and the wrinkles will disappear once it’s smoothed onto the wall again. Pricing starts around $15, but larger custom murals could be up to $1,500 (still much less than a painted mural commission). You can order everything from illustrated family portraits to abstract designs to beautiful photography, though most featured have a cartoon-like quality.

The founders of the company, Malcolm and Simone Collins, came up with the idea when Malcolm proposed to Simone. He commissioned a piece of art just like this for the proposal! Their next adventure is rumored to be focused on the wedding market and we can just imagine the possibilities for reception decor, ceremony backdrops, invitations — the list goes on.

Check out how they hold up in action here:

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