If you’ve ever simply tapped your credit card at a checkout counter to complete a transaction, then your card is embedded with a Radio Frequency Identification chip. The micro technology is what makes the sale faster than traditional swiping, but RFID is also what makes it scarily easy for you to be a victim of a stealthy form of credit card fraud, where thieves can intercept your card info just by passing by with a makeshift scanning device. Yikes — that means just hauling your go-to tote puts you at risk for an any-instant electronic burglary, unless you’re carrying a bag that obstructs the intruding signal. Enter the Articulate clutch, an RFID blocking bag that’s as stylish as it is smart.

Made out of an innovative anti-RFID material, the vault-like clutches are designed with special compartments that allow you to easily organize and access your cash and newly protected plastic (vertical credit card slots = a total game-changer). On top of that, the clutches are sleek and colorful, available in four bold hues plus black and beige, and extremely versatile. Carry the clutch as-is, or add on one of three straps to turn it into a party-ready wristlet or a wear-anywhere crossbody bag. Any way you wear it, the Articulate clutch is large enough to hold your smartphone, making it a worry-free, all-in-one, grab-and-go option. Considering the major Kickstarter response — its campaign has already raised $5K more than its $10,000 goal with over a month to go — it seems like that’s just what women are after. You too? Grab yours for just a $35 pledge through November 22, when the Articulate clutch will start retailing for $42.

Would you trade up your bag for one that protects you against identity theft? Tell us in the comments below.