Parents are showing us there are more ways to document our kids growing up than Instagram posts. Earlier this month we featured a family whose photos were illustrated by artists in the Reddit Gets Drawn subreddit, and our hearts melted at the incredible interpretations of each portrait submitted. Now we’ve got our sights on these amazing illustrations from the blog-turned-book What My Daughter Wore.


Artist Jenny Williams hails from Williamsburg, VA, where she lives with her quirky and stylish 12-year-old daughter Clementine and her two sons, all of whom are the main subjects of her work. According to her interview with The Cut, Williams drew inspiration from her daughter’s independent style choices. Since she was just 18 months old, Clementine has handpicked each outfit without any input from her mother. Jenny has illustrations from her children’s mix-and-match, off-kilter outfits from then up till now.


Most of the illustrations depict Clementine’s eccentric and creative tween years, sporting a mix of her brother’s hand-me-downs and vintage pieces from her mother’s closet. It seems like Clementine never has the “I don’t have anything to wear” tween tantrum based on these colorful illustrations. We’re digging her accessory of choice — intricately decorated masks.


Jenny will continue to draw her children for herself. As for future publications following Clementine and company into adulthood, only time will tell. “I don’t know how much longer I’ll be doing it. It may have run its course at some point soon. I don’t know. But I’ll always be drawing her.”


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(h/t The Cut)