Earlier this week, Wells Adams revealed the adorably modern way in which he and Sarah Hyland first connected 鈥 via social media. Now, fellow Bachelor Nation alum Ashley Iaconetti is offering a little more backstory about the relationship that has everyone buzzing, revealing that Hyland was the one who 鈥渋nitiated鈥 the romance.

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Iaconetti addressed the new coupling on her Almost Famous podcast with Ben Higgins. 鈥淭hey鈥檝e made it Instagram official and I think that鈥檚 the new Facebook official. So, I would say, you鈥檙e not going to post multiple pictures on both ends without them actually being girlfriend and boyfriend,鈥 she said, alluding to the Insta pics that clued us in to the unexpected match.

She added that the 26-year-old actress made the first move with the 33-year-old reality TV contestant: 鈥淚t was Sarah. Sarah [initiated it].鈥

Co-host Ben Higgins pointed out, though, that the feeling was certainly mutual. Breaking down the chain of events, he explained, 鈥淪arah saw interest in Wells, reached out to Wells, and Wells showed interest back.鈥 It sounds pretty straightforward, but Higgins couldn鈥檛 help adding, 鈥淲hat a beautiful story.鈥 And while it may not be a fairy tale, we鈥檙e loving this modern romance.

Higgins (who is now dating again after going through his own romantic rollercoaster) is just happy that they鈥檙e happy. 鈥淭he fact that they鈥檙e having fun 鈥 I know Sarah just got out of a relationship, Wells has kind of been dating and also going on Bachelor in Paradise and kind of had his romantic interest [with Danielle Maltby] 鈥 so if their journey leads them together through whatever means, we should celebrate that.鈥

We totally agree!

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