There are a lot of women working in Hollywood who aren’t defined by just one job: they’re actresses, models, entrepreneurs, designers, writers and producers. Ashley Tisdale is cut from that same empowering cloth. Since bursting onto the scene as Sharpay Evan in High School Musical in 2006 (you know you watched it and loved it and you were so not in high school), the 30 year old has not taken a career break. She’s been acting non-stop, now starring in TBS’ Clipped and will co-star in Truth Be Told with Mark-Paul Gosselaar out this fall, has her own production company, recently launched her own lifestyle site, The Haute Mess, and today, she officially took on the role of creative director for the LA-based t-shirt brand Signorelli, where she’ll help launch its very first full-apparel line for women. Is anyone else tired from reading that?


But apparently, Tisdale prefers being constantly on the move. We caught up with her at New York Fashion Week at her friend Lauren Conrad’s runway show, where she revealed, “I’ve always loved being busy. I started the production company seven years ago more because I wanted to be able to do something when I knew I wasn’t going to be acting so I would have something I’d be creative in. And now I just have so many businesses!” she said with a laugh.


Though she talks about working hard with a big smile on her face, you know this girl has the drive and ambition that running a company takes. She said she took one of her best pieces of career advice from a 2014 interview where Lauren Conrad was asked what her favorite position was. “‘The best position is CEO.’ I think that’s what she said. I love being a #Girlboss. I don’t know if I’ve really asked for advice. I really just dove in and done my thing and learned on the job. With production, I had a producing partner at one point and she really helped me learn the course and then I found my voice. It took me finding my way. And just stand up for what you believe in. If you want to do something just go for it.”

Her biggest secret for getting this much done seems to be to find something you love. And have a great support group. “I get a lot of support from my family and a lot of people help me. My sister helps run my production company. I delegate a lot of things,” said. And when she finally does get tired, she relies on a secret weapon. “Coffee, it’s always the kick starter.”

What celebrities do you look up to for hustle inspo? Name drop your favorite famous #Girlbosses in the comments below.

(Photo via Slaven Vlasic/2015)

Update: The original headline implied that Lauren Conrad gave Ashley Tisdale career advice but Conrad gave that quote in an interview. This post has been updated to reflect that.