After taking the best shower ever, your towel can either make or break your relaxed vibe. You want to step into something fluffy and warm. How does a super drying yet lightweight towel sound? This towel is so out-of-this-world, it was actually made for astronauts.


Coming from the fine folks at Piaule, Product One Bath Towels ($55) are both extremely soft and lightweight Japanese cotton created using techniques that are totally environmentally friendly. Made to suit astronauts, “who are ultra-sensitive to weight and volume” according to Piaule, they’re half the weight and thickness of normal towels. They also dry in half the time, which means no more soggy towels laying around.

While they’re not the cheapest towels you can buy, super packable towels that cut your drying time in half might be worth the moolah.

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(Photos via Piaule)