Sarah Villafranco

Dr. Sarah Villafranco is a natural skincare expert and a noisy advocate for cultivating joy and health every day.  She practiced emergency medicine for ten years, where she saw and treated a broad spectrum of human health and illness.  She became fixated on the idea of improving people’s health and happiness (as well the planet’s) by decreasing the number of chemicals in their personal care routines, and by encouraging people to “return to their senses”.  Pursuing this passion, she left the ER, and founded Osmia Organics, an artisanal skincare and lifestyle brand based in Colorado.  She can often be found practicing handstands, doing athletic things in the beautiful mountains, or sitting at her perfume station looking blissfully intoxicated by essential oils.  She is happily hitched, with two wonderful daughters and two ridiculous border collies.

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