Little Ava Graziano’s third birthday is coming up on October 8, and all she wants is a card, letter, drawing — anything creative that will brighten her day — from you. While handmade cards are always sweet, you’re probably wondering why this adorable girl isn’t having a birthday celebration like most toddlers her age are. Ava is seriously ill because of a life-threatening birth defect called congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), which affects her diaphragm and breathing.


Ava’s intestines and liver are up in her chest — not in her stomach — and their placement “severely compromised her lungs,” Ava’s mom, Dawn Graziano, explained on Good Morning America. She also can’t be exposed to germs, which is why she has limited contact with people — and won’t be having a third birthday party.


Dawn went on to say that she posts the cards, letters and drawings on Ava’s bedroom wall to lift her spirits, inspire her and show her how much love and support she has from people. Since we are all creative, there’s really nothing stopping you from helping Ava have the happiest third birthday she can have. Birthday cards, creative drawings and letters are being received at 6414 Casual Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80923. Think: just a half hour of your time could *make* a three-year old’s big day so much better.

How else can we make Ava’s third birthday special? Share your ideas in the comment section below.

(h/t GMA, Photo via ABC News)