Finding avocados on sale is one of my instant day-boosters; the problem is, when they are on sale, they are always hard as a rock. So what’s a girl to do? I put two popular tricks to the test to transform those not-ready avos into perfectly ripened ones, since my guacamole cravings are strong and fierce.

Trick 1: slow-baked Avocado

PureWow swears by the quick bake method that calls for wrapping the avocado in foil and baking it for 10 minutes at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Save yourself the trouble; this doesn’t work. After 20 minutes of actual baking, I felt the avocado getting a little softer, though I gave it some more time and finally pulled the avocado out after 30 minutes baking time. I let it cool for a couple of minutes before cutting it open (more like whacking it) with a knife to see what was going on inside the peel.

The verdict: The avocado had some give to it for sure, but it didn’t yield that same butter-like texture that I enjoy about truly ripe ones. To be fair, it was edible, and I still went on to make my spicy guacamole. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t the same. There were chunks that would not spread properly no matter how hard I smashed them with my pestle and mortar. The avocado was edible, yet this method wouldn’t be my first choice.

Trick 2: Paper Bag With Apples and Bananas

Following tips from Thrillist, I placed one apple, one banana, and one avocado in a brown paper bag on my kitchen table near the window and waited… and waited some more.

The verdict: To my surprise, while this method does work, it’s not instant. It produced the best-tasting guacamole too — you know, a smooth batch without any unripe chunks. Apparently, by placing the fruit in a bag together, the avocado (and the banana) is exposed to even more ripening ethylene gas released from the other fruit. I highly recommend waiting the suggested two to three days for the avocado, which I know is going to be pure torture. Trust me; it is well worth the wait.

Bonus: After working so hard on my guacamole, I tried another trick found on Lifehacker to prevent guacamole from browning. Before placing the leftover guac in the fridge, add a thin layer of water to the top. This hack is a keeper, because after three days, my guacamole was still green (and tasty). You’re supposed to drain the water off of it before you eat it, but I forgot that step and just mixed it in. Oops!

What tricks do you use to quickly ripen avocados? Let us know @BritandCo.

(Photo via Westend61 / Getty Images)