Memories with your little one are some of the most precious things you’ll ever own, and what better place to make them than in the kitchen? In 2014, Baby Boy Bakery blogger and organic baker Jacqui lost her toddler son, Ryan. Now, to honor his memory, she’s created a subscription service that will help you make long-lasting memories while cooking with your child.

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We Cook is a subscription service solely focused on spending quality time in the kitchen. For $15-20 a month you get an original recipe (November is fruity roll ups), exclusive kid-friendly tools, tips and tricks for teaching moments and a recipe binder (with the 12-month subscription). Jacqui wants Ryan’s legacy to live on in these recipes and hopes that you’ll find as much joy in the kitchen as she did while Ryan was still alive.

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Every month We Cook will also donate to a children’s charity dedicated to celebrating life. And good news: Jacqui is pregnant again and ready to make even more kitchen memories while keeping Ryan’s spirit alive.

Let us know what you make in the kitchen with your tots. Share with us in the comments!

(Photos via @babyboybakerykids)