It’s you BFF’s baby shower. Yay! And you’re in charge of it… less yay. You’ve picked out a great baby shower cake, decorated the party space in a totally chic style (no duckies and bunnies in sight), and have planned a major menu. But wait. Something is missing. You’ve sent the invitations and created goodie bags filled with all kinds of DIY baby shower favors to take home. Something is still missing… the games. We know — baby shower games generally suck. No one really wants to eat baby food out of a teeny tiny jar, while blindfolded, and guess what it is. If you need a few completely cute games that aren’t totally overdone, check out these little gems.

Friends admire a gift at a baby shower

1. Match the Baby Pictures: This one takes almost no effort. Just ask each guest to bring a baby pic of themself to the party. Hang the photos up on a piece of poster board and number them. Give everyone a ballot and have them match which adult guest goes with which baby. Do a big reveal before the shower is over and announce who got the most matches.

2. No Baby, No Baby: Everybody is saying “baby.” Let’s see how many times they can stop themselves from saying the magic word. While, yes, this would be a fabulously fun drinking game, day drinking to the point of passing out (that’s absolutely how many times people will spill the word) isn’t exactly what showers are about. Instead, hand everyone a bag of pacis or diaper pins at the beginning of the party. Every time they say “baby,” they have to ditch an item. Whoever has the most left at the end of the shower wins.

3. Gift Timer: This really, really requires almost no effort from anyone. All you need to do is set a timer when the mama-to-be is opening her presents. Every time it goes off, the person whose gift she’s opening gets a prize. It’s that simple!

4. Onesie Fun: Get crafty; create cute keepsakes for the soon-to-be mama and stage a cute little contest game at the same time. Set out onesies on a buffet table (before you put out the food, of course). Distribute fabric pens and ask everyone to decorate a onesie. The guest of honor can browse the finished products and hand out prizes to the winners. Don’t just go with the “best” onesie: Get creative with categories such as “most likely to be spit up on” or “coolest colors.”

A group of women make a toast at a party

5. DIY Mad Libs: It’s like being eight years old again! Make your own Mad Libs featuring the mama as the central character, or create a baby-focused story. Have the guests offer suggestions for the nouns, verbs, and adjectives that you leave blank. Read the silly stories out loud as everyone eats or after all the presents are open.

6. Most Awesome Advice: “Savor every moment; it goes by so quickly” is something that absolutely everyone who has kids will say to the mama-to-be. But that’s not the only piece of advice out there. Give every guest a notecard and a pen. Have them write out the silliest, funniest, or most creatively wacky and out-there advice they know. The mama-to-be gets to pick the winner!

7. Gift Bingo: Make bingo boards that feature common baby gift items. You can create a grid in a word processing program and then add in clip art items or teeny-tiny pics. Print them out and give one to each guest. As your pregnant friend opens up her gifts, everyone can cover the bingo board spaces that match each present. When someone fills a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row, it’s time to shout, “Bingo!”

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