Your BFF is about to become a mama. Yay! In honor of her amazing ability to produce a human being, you鈥檙e throwing her a聽baby shower. It鈥檚 your time to show her how much she (and her growing little one)聽means to you. You鈥檝e searched Pinterest for the best of the best in baby shower ideas, you鈥檝e crafted like crazy, and you鈥檝e聽DIYed聽yourself silly. Before the shower聽takes on a life of its own (and gets out of hand), check out these five mistakes you definitely don鈥檛 want to make when planning a fantastic party for the mom-to-be.


1. Too Baby-Themed: Not every mom-to-be is all about the baby theme. Your friend may have spent years trying for her first kiddo, but that doesn鈥檛 mean she wants a shower that鈥檚 decked out in duckies, pacifiers, and powder pink balloons. Some women are all in for a chill afternoon with friends, sipping on virgin daiquiris, and opening gifts. They don鈥檛 want diaper cakes. They couldn鈥檛 care less about shower games, and they definitely don鈥檛 want their friends receiving teddy bear-shaped invitations.

2. Not Baby-Themed Enough:聽Some women really do want a shower that鈥檚 decked out in baby-themed stuff. They crave crafty little favors that are wrapped in pink and blue bows, they beg for a three-tiered cake that鈥檚 covered in chicks and bunnies, and they can鈥檛 wait to play the 鈥淕uess how big the pregnant lady鈥檚 belly is鈥 game. But that鈥檚 not your style, so instead of diapers, blankies, and binkies, you stage an uber chic fete you would love 鈥 even though it doesn鈥檛 match your BFF鈥檚 personality. Don鈥檛 forget who the party is for, after all. Tone down your style and play up hers.

3. Forgetting to Ask for Help: You鈥檙e typically a one-woman show, but this act calls for an ensemble. Yes, you painstakingly planned the shower. And yes, you鈥檙e the current on-site project manager, but don鈥檛 forget you鈥檙e not alone. Chances are that the expectant mama has a few other friends who would be sooo聽happy to help out. Whether it鈥檚 asking someone to record the gifts for thank-you notes or getting some help for the dozen or so DIY projects you have planned, don鈥檛 forget to recruit the troops to make the big day possible.

Group Of Female Friends Meeting For Baby Shower At Home

4. Over-Inviting: The shower guest list is starting to rival the one you made for your wedding. You鈥檝e invited the mama鈥檚 super-close friends, and weeks later, you鈥檙e still adding more鈥 and more鈥 and more names to the list. It鈥檚 going way past the usual suspects. It now includes her coworkers (not just her lunch gossip group), her college roommate (who she hasn鈥檛 seen in 10 years) and 98 percent of her Facebook friends. Stop right there! Before you pack a ballroom full of the guest of honor鈥檚 so-called loved ones, make sure that you鈥檙e not going overboard. The mama-to-be will appreciate a comfortable, intimate setting much more than a jam-packed party filled with random people.

5. Getting Clique-ish: The tables are set and the place cards are put in the absolute perfect order. You鈥檝e seated the mama鈥檚 sisters together, her work friends with one another, and the neighborhood moms in their own little area. Now everyone has their group, and they鈥檒l all feel comfortable at the shower. Well, maybe not鈥 it鈥檚 a party, and you want people to mix and mingle. Yes, you want friends to sit near friends, but you also want everyone to get to know each other. Break up the cliques and bring everyone together by seating them at one long table, serving up a family-style meal or playing group聽games.

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