Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes鈥 Bachelor in Paradise romance may have been brief, but it looks like they had more than enough drama to keep them busy during their short time together 鈥 and the rumor mill is still going strong, even if their relationship isn鈥檛. As fans saw in a promo for next week鈥檚 BIP finale, Hayes faces cheating accusations at the reunion show. In the short clip, he denies that there鈥檚 any truth to them, only to have twins Emily and Haley Ferguson confront him about 鈥渨hat happened in Colorado.鈥 Now, Stanton is sharing her side of the story.

鈥淚鈥檒l explain the backstory a little bit for that, because it鈥檚 kind of confusing,鈥 Stanton told Entertainment Tonight at the Bachelor End of Summer Party in Santa Monica, California, on Wednesday.

鈥淏asically what happened was there was a night where he was out in Colorado in Denver, and he was supposed to come home that night, but he had missed his flight and his phone died and I didn鈥檛 hear from him for a whole day,鈥 she began. 鈥淎nd then the next day he had called me in the morning and he was like, 鈥楽orry, my phone died.'鈥

However, that might not have been the full story. 鈥淟ater that day, a girl said he was at a Zac Brown Band concert and sent me photos of him looking like they were making out all over each other,鈥 Stanton told ET. Hayes denied to her that anything happened, and Stanton said 鈥渋t doesn鈥檛 really matter鈥 at this point. But she did say that 鈥渢he photos look like their mouths were touching.鈥

Hayes was asked about the rumors too, and though he has 鈥渘o comment at this time,鈥 he won鈥檛 be staying silent for long. 鈥淸There will be a comment] soon,鈥 he told ET, adding, 鈥淸There鈥檚] a lot I鈥檇 like to say.鈥

We鈥檒l find out more about Stanton and Hayes鈥 relationship when the Bachelor in Paradise season four finale airs Monday at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.

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(Photo via ABC/Paul Hebert)