There鈥檚 a brand-new Bachelor in Paradise couple to swoon over, but it鈥檚 not your typical Bachelor Nation romance. BIP alum Juelia Kinney (who competed on Chris Soules鈥 season of The Bachelor before looking for love on season two of Paradise) is apparently dating Evan Bass鈥檚 brother, Aaron Bass!

鈥淚n true Bachelor fashion, I met this amazing human, we call it Bachelor Nation but it鈥檚 so true,鈥 Kinney wrote alongside an Instagram pic of herself and her new bae. 鈥淵ou never know if it will be on the Bachelor, BIP, or at a wedding maybe.鈥

In Kinney鈥檚 case, it was the latter: The two apparently met at Carly Waddell and Evan Bass鈥檚 June聽BIP wedding, which aired on ABC earlier this month. The relationship is still new, but it鈥檚 pretty obvious from her photo that these two are all about that blissful NRE.

鈥淎ll I can say is this night was magical for so many reasons,鈥 she added in her caption. 鈥淔ull disclosure: This was our first picture right before we ran off and kissed on the beach. He鈥檚 hot and charming and wonderful鈥 it鈥檚 funny how things work out 馃槈 #keepingitinthefamily #soundscreepyifitwasntbachelor #bachelornation.鈥

If the comments section is any indication, fans are totally into this new couple. (And we are too, TBH.)

Kinney also posted pics of herself and Aaron on Catalina Island and in Nashville. 鈥淗e鈥檚 tall, he鈥檚 handsome, he makes me laugh, and most of all, he knows how to order my sushi,鈥 she captioned the Nashville photo on August 14.

Of course, Kinney isn鈥檛 the only franchise alum to find love with a Bachelor Nation sibling. Former BacheloretteDeAnna Pappas is happily married to Stephen Stagliano, the brother of former Bachelorette contestant Michael Stagliano.

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(Photo via Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Leisure Opportunities)