Vanessa Grimaldi has spoken before about how difficult it was to 鈥減ick up the pieces鈥 after ending her engagement to The Bachelor鈥檚 Nick Viall. But while the process of moving on with a broken heart hasn鈥檛 been easy, the reality star still has fond feelings toward her ex.

鈥淭he breakup wasn鈥檛 easy,鈥 the 29-year-old told Entertainment Tonight at KIIS FM鈥檚 iHeart Radio Jingle Ball 2017 in LA on Friday. She added, however, that she and Viall were determined not to let any bad blood form between them. 鈥淚t was important for me still to have a good relationship with him after we broke up. That was an important thing for the both of us,鈥 she said.

When it comes to the current status of their relationship, Grimaldi told ET that they 鈥渂oth very much support each other,鈥 and are still in contact. 鈥淸We talk] every once in a while,鈥 she shared. 鈥淚 have a lot of respect for Nick.鈥

She鈥檚 also supportive of his burgeoning acting career. While we don鈥檛 know what she thought of his guest spot alongside Minnie Driver on Speechless, she apparently has no doubt that he鈥檒l be awesome in whatever endeavor he takes on. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 what he wants to do and anything he puts his head to, he鈥檚 going to succeed at, so I wish him all the best,鈥 she told ET.

As for her own projects, the Montreal native told reporters that she鈥檚 keeping busy. 鈥淚鈥檝e been loving life. I鈥檝e been between Montreal and LA. I have my foundation No Better You and and we鈥檙e helping out poor schools in Montreal and we鈥檙e going to open more sensory rooms and have a fundraiser in the summer,鈥 she told Us Weekly. 鈥淚鈥檓 heading down to do the ribbon cutting ceremony at one of the sensory rooms, one of the schools, so I鈥檓 really excited about that. That feels like it鈥檚 really been a big accomplishment for the team.鈥

She also told ET that she鈥檚 single, contrary to rumors that she鈥檚 dating hockey player Brendan Gallagher. And although she鈥檚 unattached, she doesn鈥檛 have any plans to appear on The Bachelor鈥檚 latest reality TV spinoff, Winter Games. (Of course, as fans of the franchise know well, that could change.)

If she did pop up on the fun-filled competition-based show, she鈥檇 be joining other Bachelor Nation stars from both the US and beyond, including Peter Kraus, Luke Pell, Jordan from New Zealand, and one particularly ripped and tattooed shirtless dude. We wonder if Grimaldi could make a love connection with one of these fine fellas.

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(photo via Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)