Christmas, Halloween and the first day of school 鈥 all things that only happen once a year. And while Christmas may be filled with lots of gifts and goodies and Halloween with clever costumes, back to school doesn鈥檛 have much to help ring in the new academic year. And with so much knowledge about to work its way into kids鈥 brains, it鈥檚 definitely a moment that should be celebrated. Here are a few ideas if you鈥檙e looking to surprise your favorite student with a little extra something this August (besides a new set of pencils).

For the Kiddos


1. DIY Solar System Kit ($50): After they鈥檝e spent the day getting to know the planets, let your kiddo come home and continue on their outer space adventure.


2. Tangram Puzzles ($9): When that homework gets a little bit too tiring, take a break but keep the brain active with these fun puzzles.


3. Color the Earth Kit ($25): That geography homework just got a whole lot more fun.


4. Cape Backpack ($40): Time to take that superhero obsession to the next level.


5. Robot Lunch Box ($20): If anyone is going to help make those carrot and celery sticks go down easier, it鈥檚 going to be Mr. Robot.

For the Angsty Tween


6. Mini Masterpiece Kit ($13): Art class doesn鈥檛 have to end when the final school bell rings.


7. Sweet Heart Stencil Tote Bag Kit ($25): When those Jansport backpacks become super uncool, give this adorable kit to your pre-teen and let her customize her own book bag.


8. Serious Notebook ($12): Only for VERY serious thoughts on that cute dude from gym class.


9. Yay Lunch Box ($11): Because as cool as that robot lunch box is, it might not be so cool when you鈥檙e 13.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 4.09.47 PM

10. Orange Magic Pencil Earphones ($30): Here鈥檚 a little something for those morning car rides when your favorite radio station is not in tune with what your angsty passenger is into.

For the High Schooler


11. Thoughts and Doodles Notebook ($12): Here鈥檚 a special place to jot down all those brilliant ideas.


12. Stay Focused Pencil Pouch ($12): Just in case your student needs a little reminder every once in a while.


13. Laser Cut Rulers ($7): While they鈥檙e definitely functional for other things, they also double as selfie props.


14. Trigon Bulletboard ($40): Because you have to have somewhere to hang up all those college acceptance letters, right?


15. Positive Pens ($5): Here鈥檚 the extra inspiration your high-schooler might need when they鈥檙e three pages deep into that major essay.

Do you have any surprises you鈥檙e going to gift your kid before school starts? Share with us in the comments below.