Instagram is not the place to go if you’re hungry. Instagram food photographers are upping their food photography and styling game these days, using the best tips, tricks and apps to make your mouth seriously water. But have you ever paid attention to what kinds of food the people around you are posting about? Chances are bacon has popped up in at least a few posts, but exactly how much Instagrammers love it varies by state, according to Ginny’s.

Ginny’s analyzed all of the #food and #bacon Instagram posts (there were more than 33,000 total) to figure out which state has the biggest “love affair” with bacon, and then created an awesome infographic with the data. The results? Nebraska takes the cake (pancake?) for the state with the most posts about bacon, followed by West Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and then Missouri. The state with the least amount of bacon love was Hawaii.

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Ginny’s even took things a step further, adding in some handy bacon facts. Did you know that Las Vegas is home to the United Church of Bacon, whose eighth commandment is “praise bacon”? Or that Montana has an annual Baconfest that describes itself as a “bacon extravaganza of gluttonous proportions? BRB, buying a plane ticket to Montana. Here’s one you weren’t expecting: “Researchers at Oregon State have been working for 15 years to create a quick-growing strain of seaweed which tastes like bacon.”

Huh! Well, even if bacon love isn’t number one in our state, it’s still number one in our hearts.

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(Image via Ginny’s; Featured Image via Getty)