Balenciaga’s Newest Sneaker Debut Has People *Seriously* Confused
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Balenciaga’s Newest Sneaker Debut Has People *Seriously* Confused

Sometimes fashion designers just *get* us, debuting pieces pieces that give instantaneous closet envy. Other times, however, their, erm, creative wares can take awhile to warm up to (clear-knee jeans, anyone?). Not to be outdone by Yves Saint Laurent’s roller-skate stilettos, Balenciaga (AKA the masterminds behind that designer IKEA bag) have unleashed upon the world a pair of sneakers that has Twitter SERIOUSLY confused.

The Triple S shoes ($795) are part of Balenciaga’s Fall 2017 men’s collection and will be available for sale on September 21. The kicker (no pun intended), is that they kinda’ look like clunky gym shoes that have already been worn — extensively — leading to an influx of head-scratching tweets.

Still, some admitted that they actually liked the footwear, even likening them to the fire emoji.

Hey, on the bright side, you won’t have to worry about keeping ’em clean, areweright?

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(Photos via Balenciaga)