According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety affects about 40 million adults over the age of 18 in the US each year 鈥 that鈥檚 18 percent of the population, and those are just the reported cases. While mental health awareness is on the rise, there鈥檚 still much work to be done in addressing and treating these common conditions.

Jen Gotch, the founder of cool-girl lifestyle brand, has always been brutally honest IRL and online about her personal struggles with mental health, and she鈥檚 teamed up with celeb-fave jewelry brand Iconery to release a collection that鈥檚 not only relatable, but also does a lot of good.

The collection includes two nameplate necklaces that retail for $45 each. One reads 鈥淎nxiety鈥 while the other reads 鈥淒epression,鈥 and these are issues that are near and dear to Gotch, as she personally battles both. 鈥淥ne thing we can all do is work to remove the stigmas associated with mental illness,鈥 says Gotch. 鈥淭hese necklaces are a step in doing that, and I hope they can also serve as a conversation starter for people to be more open about what鈥檚 going on in their minds.鈥 Gotch also hopes the accessories will 鈥減romote a dialogue about feelings and help individuals get to a place where they鈥檙e comfortable asking for and receiving help.鈥

The necklaces can be found on ban.do鈥檚 and Iconery鈥檚 websites and 100 percent of the proceeds from the collection that鈥檚 purchased from will be donated to Bring Change to Mind, a nonprofit that holds events to encourage people to open up and talk about their anxiety and depression using humor. Now that鈥檚 a cause we can get behind.

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(Photos via Iconery)