Modern-day technology is truly amazing. There are apps to help you become a better driver, devices for perfecting your bartending skills and new smartphone upgrades coming out faster than you can blink. With our phones, laptops + wearables always on hand, it only makes sense that we’d want them to look as good as our outfits do. We’re sharing 10 tech-ccessories to help you achieve all your gadget style goals.

dress tech 1

1. Boss iPhone Case by WhitV ($30): Protect your phone in true #girlboss style with this slim fit case.

dress tech 2

2. Wide Angle/Macro Lens ($20): If you’re always snapping pics with your phone, this wide angle + macro lens attachment is a total must-have. Take your Insta pics to the next level and surprise everyone with your professional-looking pics.

dress tech 10

3. Sushi iPhone Case by Kristin Nohe ($30): Foodies: This is your perfect phone case. Just try not to drool on it when you’re ogling the sushi ;)

dress tech 3

4. Florabunda Mobile Charger ($30): This handy dandy little device will keep your smartphone charged up on the go. How’s that for flower power?

dress tech 4

5. Smartphone Projector ($27): Use this vintage-style projector to watch movies and viral videos with the whole crew — no more crowding around that tiny smartphone screen.

dress tech 5

6. MacBook Sleeve: Painted Protea by Micklyn ($60): Keep the summer vibes alive all year long with this laptop sleeve.

dress tech 6

7. Get Sh*t Done iPhone Case by Startup Genius ($30): Whether you’re a dreamer or go-getter, sometimes we all need a strongly worded reminder to get out there and DO IT!

dress tech 7

8. Nebula Galaxy Apple Watch Band by Rex Lambo ($70): This space-print Apple Watch band is pretty outta this world, if we do say so ourselves.

dress tech 8

9. Giant Gem Speaker ($40): Plug this little beauty into your smartphone or laptop and get the party jams bumpin’.

dress tech 9

10. I Am Very Busy iPhone 6 Case ($26): Dress your iPhone in a case that’s guaranteed to ward off any unwanted chit-chatters. After all, you are VERY busy!

Which tech accessory on our list is your fave? Let us know in the comments.