If you need someone to despise more than Donald Trump for at least a hot second, please allow us to introduce you to Greg Hodge, the owner of a new LA bar created exclusively for hot people. Because that’s just the sort of thing the country needs right now. Right? RIGHT?


Greg also happens to be the founder of the dating website Beautiful People (the club will open under the same name), which — as you can probably guess — is pretty much entirely based on appearance, over literally any other desirable qualities. Think: Tinder on shallow, shallow steroids.

This new West Hollywood hot spot is members only. Because, obviously it is. What do you have to do to be granted entry? Submit headshots, body pics and a profile. Applicants then are reviewed by existing members and voted on. If you’re accepted to the website, you subsequently gain entry to the nightclub.

If you’re curious what a couple members look like, they’ve kindly supplied photos:


But don’t worry. All these people are not only beautiful, but beautiful AND interesting. It promises to be filled with “bright intelligent, articulate people, people from all walks of life, from dental nurses to models.”

So what does dear old Greg have to say for himself as he gets blasted all over the web for this stunt? He tells Bravo, “We get backlash it’s discriminatory [….] but we’re simply owning it.” Right. Oh, and if you were worried that this club just might be the embodiment of human demise, don’t be. Greg reassures us by saying “thousands of marriages, affairs and even beautiful babies have been born from his club.” Wow, thank god for that.

The Beautiful People nightclub is set to open in February of 2017. Plan your personal training sessions or picketing schedule accordingly.

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(Photos via Beautiful People)