The age of wearable tech is here. From Google Glass and smart watches to clothes that change color based on your emotions, the trend is taking the world by storm. Rings that can unlock your front door? Yep, these exist. Sound-reactive dresses? It’s been done. A clutch that plays your music wirelessly? Nothing new. Makeup that has the same cool capabilities? That’s something we haven’t seen… until now.

Meet Katia Vega, a beauty technology designer based in Brazil. First of all, that sounds like the coolest job ever. Second, what exactly does a beauty tech designer do? Well, Katia can turn your nails, eyelashes, and more into “interactive computing platforms.” Um… what?! Okay, let’s break this down. How does she do it?

For the ultimate high-tech manicure, Katia adds magnets, RFID tags, and conductive nail polish to fake nails. Boom—your nails are now wireless devices. Katia has used her electro-nails to DJ by touching water (“AquaDjing”), play the piano (without ever touching a piano), and more. Whoa. Is anyone else’s polish starting to seem a little too plain?

Katia has also experimented with chemically-metalized false lashes and conductive eye shadows. The makeup, “connects to sensors and actuators by the use of conductive materials that stick to the skin as well-defined eyeliners and eyebrows.” The result? With the right makeover, you can have hands-free control over your electronics. In this video, Katia launches a mini drone and makes LED lights in her hair sparkle… just by blinking. Too cool!

You can check out all of Katia’s wow-worthy projects here. Now, who’s up for the ultimate modern makeover? ;)

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