Become the Most Evil Sea Sorceress With This DIY Ursula Costume
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Become the Most Evil Sea Sorceress With This DIY Ursula Costume

Sorry Little Mermaid, it’s time for this voluptuous villain to make her debut as the queen of Halloween! Of all the Disney characters, I’ve been wanting to make this one for ages. I’ve already done other modern Disney costumes like the loveable characters from Inside Out, but as a child of the ’80s, I’m especially nostalgic for the classics. This full-size, stacked-to-the-brim tutorial will have you decked out literally from head to toe in every Ursula detail you can imagine.

How to Get Ursula’s Sea Witch Hair

You can either use this tutorial on your own hair if your hair is a similar cut or can use it to style a wig with a similar cut.

Prep: Use Dry Shampoo Powder: Add dry shampoo texture powder like Verb Dry Shampoo ($14) to the roots of your hair for a textured base to work with. This will help you to achieve the extreme volume you need for this look.

Step 1: Back Comb Like Crazy + Shape Hair: Use a rat tail comb or back-combing brush to pick up thin sections of hair and back comb throughout the entire upper half of your hair. Then use your fingers to shape and manipulate the silhouette.

Step 2: Hairspray The Eff Out of Your Hair: You really want to use a high impact hair spray like this Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray ($13). For best results, hold the can far away to create a lightweight mist that will hold your hair in place.

Step 3: Curl + Flip the Ends: Use a smaller curling iron wand to curl out the bottom layer of your hair (if you are using a wig, shape the hair with your fingers and a molding paste to hold it in place — don’t use heat on synthetic hair!).

Finishing Touches: Add Molding Paste + White Hairspray: Seal this look by adding a wax-like texture cream like Abba Pure Performance Hair Care Texturizing Cream ($18). Finally, give your hair a few coats of white hairspray for her look.

How to Get Ursula’s Sea Witch Makeup

Even if you’re not a makeup artist, you can recreate this look by capturing the shape of her face. Look at each part before you paint on yourself. I’ll tell you the order in which you can do it to make it easier.

Prep: Flawless Face + Bold Red Lips: Follow this tutorial to get your base makeup for Ursula’s sea witch makeover. Add a bold red lip that you will enhance later in the tutorial. I’m wearing NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red ($28).

Step 1: Light Greyish-Lavender Base: Use a makeup brush or beauty blender sponge to apply a layer of lavender cream makeup like Ben Nye Creme Color in Blue Grey ($7) to your entire exposed upper body. It helps to mix a little water into your product to get a lighter, more spreadable texture if you’re not super versed in using special effects makeup.

Step 2: White Eyes + Brows: Paint on a layer of white cream makeup like Ben Nye Creme Color in White ($7) over your eyebrows and above, then onto your forehead to create the shape of her eyes. Line the top part of the white with Ben Nye Creme Color in Blue + Black ($7).

Step 3: Lower Eye + Creases: Using the same cream colors by Ben Nye, apply the turquoise over your eyebrows, all over your eyelids and along your lower lash line as well. Then use a deep blue eyeshadow to contour the inner bridge of your nose and your inner eyebrows — this is going to create the “inner crease” of Ursula’s humongous eyes!

Step 4: Set Shadow: Now that the base of the eyes is pretty much done, go over each section with a matching eyeshadow to set the creme makeup. To do this without messing up your work, gently tap the makeup into the base so you don’t smudge or smear anything.

Step 5: Liner, Lashes + Lips: Boom! It’s wild how much a little black eyeliner will pop your look! Line your upper and lower lash line with a bold cat eye using black liquid eyeliner. For her lashes, I used a really dramatic set of lashes and then cut off the outer ¼ inch or so to use on the lower lash line. Now for your lips, it’s best to re-outline them using a bold, bright red lipstick for her larger-than-life pucker. For that Disney dimension, add a white highlight using the white creme makeup and a lip brush and then set with a translucent powder.

Finishing Touches: Contour + Set: Finally, to get those extra special touches, use a purple eyeshadow and a fluffy brush first to contour your hairline, temples, hollows of your cheeks, side of your nose, the tip of your nose, around your chin, down your neck and across your décolletage. You can look at a cartoon photo of her to see where you need the color variation. Then chisel out the details by using the same shadow and a smaller brush. Lastly, set all your body makeup by tapping on a translucent finishing powder.

Oh no! I totally forgot her mole! Don’t do that :)

How to Recreate Ursula’s Octopus Dress + Shell Necklace

Materials and Tools:

  • LBD for base
  • black leggings
  • black booties
  • 2-3 yards of iridescent sheer purple-blue fabric
  • 1 yard of purple fabric
  • 2-3 yards of black felt
  • hot glue and gun
  • yellow foam paper
  • orange Sharpie pen
  • black string


1. Measure from the ground to your waist to get the length of your tentacles. I made mine a little longer because I wanted them to drag on the floor. Cut out eight tentacles in various sizes.

2. Next, lay the sheer fabric over the tentacle legs and cut a slightly smaller version that you will glue to each tentacle by folding the larger black piece over onto the smaller iridescent sheer pieces.

3. Now you’re ready to cut out purple circles for the suction cups. Glue to the black part of each tentacle.

4. Finally, attach the tentacles to the waist of the dress with hot glue and then cover the upper portion of your dress with the same sheer fabric. I attached the two outer tentacles around my wrists using hot glue to make little bracelet-like holes so I could have movement with the tentacles.

5. For her necklace, simply cut out the shape of the shell necklace she wears, then highlight the shape with a bright orange Sharpie and attach to a string to tie around your neck. I found those earrings at a local costume shop for $2!

“A woman doesn’t know how powerful her voice is until she has been silenced.”

“Don’t underestimate the importance of body language…”

“Yes I have had my share of complaints, but on the whole, I’ve been a saint!… to those Poor Unfortunate Souls!”

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DIY Production, Modeling + Styling, Hair + Makeup: Misty Spinney

Photography: Kurt Andre

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