There’s only so many ways you can rearrange your bedroom furniture before you’ve come full circle and done irreparable damage to your relationship with your downstairs neighbors. Call it what it is: You’re in a bedroom rut. We have a few easy and affordable ideas from the B+C Shop to pull you out of it, but before we get down to brass tacks, let’s start with what seems like an overly-simple question: What is the primary function of your bedroom?

Once you have your answer, you can start to see how your current setup is (or isn’t) serving that need, and where it can improve. A’ight, remodelistas: You now have permission to pick up your shopping baskets.

1. Start with the walls


Hustle, Darling Print ($17): As we’re all elbowing our way into big cities, apartments are getting tinier by the second, meaning your room might also be your home office. If that’s the case, your room is a place where you go for motivation and inspiration. This print is perfect for hanging by your workspace as the next best thing to a fist bump.


Blink Print ($55): If you’re one to compartmentalize your life, you’re probably into the idea of the bedroom being just that: the place where you go to get some shut-eye. With its fun, vibrant colors, this print conveys that message while being anything but sleepy.


King + Queen Art Print ($35): When sharing a room with your SO, you look for pieces that set the mood for romance and strike a balance between both of your styles. These prints do just that and can also be hung to claim dibs on your side of the bed.


Today Was a Good Day ($30): For some, the room is a place to decompress from the pressures of the outside world, to journal and do your best thinking. This print sets that positive outlook that makes for a better tomorrow too.

2. Rethink lighting


Copper Wire Lights ($31): Copper is beloved for its brightness and warmth, and that’s only amplified by the twinkle lights woven into this strand. To instantly create an inviting glow in your room, drape this subtle strand in your curtains or on top of your dresser.


String Ball Light Strand ($38): For a light source that’s more of a focal point, opt for this strand that’s reminiscent of Chinese lanterns. Lights on or off, they’ll bring an inviting burst of color to un-blah your space.

3. Utilize vertical space


Sand Art Terrarium Kit ($29): Shelf and windowsill space is prime real estate, so a best practice for you small apartment owners is to dangle your decor whenever possible. This hanging terrarium will bring some literal life to that “blah” corner.


Bstrong Travel Hook ($25): Hang your purse, bike helmet or scarves up and out of sight in your closet! (If you can resist the temptation to throw them all on the floor when you get home, that is.)

4. Find unconventional uses for what you already have


Wishbone Mug ($20): That cute coffee mug you never get around to using? Give it new life as a pen holder or succulent planter.


Styled by Emily Henderson ($33): Reorganize your home library to bring those pretty books out of hiding! Knock over the ones on your bookshelf with the most gorgeous covers, then stack with a cool statue, mug or framed picture on top. We’d choose Emily Henderson’s Styled (one of our favorites), but you can peruse our bookstore for more great options.


Brass Plant Mister ($24): It’s a plant mister, yes, but it would be a crime against nature to use this beautiful piece as only that. Same goes for other pretty tools too! When it’s off-duty, we’re thinking a cool bookend or paperweight.

5. Rethink your color palette


Pink Abstract Pillow ($35): Got a little too into the minimalist trend and now your bedroom is like being in a black-and-white movie? A bold statement piece like this pillow will bring you back into the world of color.


Big Red Balloon Print ($35): This gives a whole new meaning to a “pop” of color.


Modern Latch Hook Kit ($29): Bring in a new texture that contrasts with your floors. For hardwood, soften it up with something like this kit, which accompanies our Intro to Latch Hook Online Class and comes with everything you need to make a woven wall hanging.

6. Bring in some plants


Twenty-Sided Hanging Terrarium Kit ($36): You’d be amazed at what even a small plant can do to make your room feel more inviting. This otherworldly prism terrarium can sit or hang!


ThankYouSaurus ($70): You can have houseplants and still be a kid. The proof is right here.

7. Get organized


Prisma Jewelry Stand ($25): This guy is small but somehow super efficient at keeping all your bling in one place.


Leather Tray Kit: ($30): This is what your desk or nightstand is missing. You can make this tray in our Leatherworking Online Class as a dock for your phone, keys and other baubles. It also makes a great jewelry tray!

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