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Once you get into the habit of buying and cooking with fresh vegetables, you can’t help but feel like you’re doing everything right; sadly, you might be wrong. Though many are putting vegetables to good use, they’re discarding one of the most nutrient-dense parts of the veg; the “scraps,” AKA rinds, peels and greens. Beet greens in particular are a great source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. So the next time you start chopping up those glorious beets, do yourself a favor and save the leaves, because we’ve got 12 mouth-watering recipes that will help you put them to use.


1. Vegan Beet Greens, Beets and Black Japonica Rice: Nothing beats curling up with a robust bowl of nourishment that’s filled to the brim with crisp veggies and nutty grains. This bowl offers up a ton of flavor with its medley of deeply flavored beets and their greens. (via Apollo and Luna)


2. Broccoli Avocado Soup With Beet Greens: Eating your greens won’t be a problem with this beautiful and earthy bowl of noms. It’s a great way to detox after holiday indulgences and it’s an opportunity to let those beet leaves shine. (via Bowl of Delicious)


3. Roasted Beets and Beet Greens With Goat Cheese Crostini: This assortment of colorful roasted beets sits atop a bed of garlicky sautéed beet greens to create snack-time perfection. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch option or some healthy nosh for your girls’ night in, this dish delivers. (via Cooking and Beer)


4. Beet Green Ravioli: Ravioli is amazingly versatile — you can stuff those things with anything. This recipe gets super creative by stuffing ravioli with feta and beet greens, giving them a swoon-worthy mauve hue that will impress the entire fam. (via The Adventures of Bob and Shan)


5. Farmhouse Beet Leaf and Whole Wheat Tart: If you’ve never hosted brunch, you’ll want to now. This wholesome and rustic tart is a surefire way to WOW your family and friends with its warm spices, fresh vegetables and leafy beet greens. (via Three Little Halves)


6. Cold Young Beet Greens Soup: Young beet greens can be put to use just as much as larger ones. Once the summer rolls around, you’ll want to save those greens along with some cucumbers and zesty radishes so you can dig into this cooling and health-giving soup. (via Lazy Sunday Cooking)


7. Beet Greens and Avocado With Creamy Tahini Dressing: You certainly don’t have to simmer those beet greens in order to enjoy them. Eating them raw in a salad is incredibly delicious; top them with soft avocado, earthy beets and a creamy tahini dressing and it’s even better. (via Hello Glow)


8. Veggie Quesadilla With Beet Greens Pesto: Pesto is always great to have on hand — especially when it’s homemade. Though typically made with basil, pesto can be made with any greens, including beet greens. In this recipe, beet green goodness is used to dress up cheesy quesadillas. (via Real Food and Ice Cream)


9. Beet and Kale Hash With Eggs: If you didn’t have breakfast planned for this weekend, now you do! Top your crusty toast with runny baked eggs, beets and their tasty greens for a one-pan breakfast that will fill and invigorate you. (via In the Know Mom)


10. Golden Beet Noodles With Beet Greens and Cilantro Tahini Sauce: This bright and sunny one-pan “pasta” is the perfect weeknight meal, especially for #MeatlessMonday. Golden beet noodles are tossed in a rich and spicy sauce along with their leafy greens for added nutriment. (via Gourmande in the Kitchen)


11. Beet Greens and Barley Borscht: If you love beets, greens and grains, this soup is a DREAM. With its jaw-dropping scarlet hue, this borscht pairs hearty barley with beets and beet greens to make use of the root veg in its entirety. (via Cookbooks 365)


12. Beet Salad With Balsamic Reduction: Though it looks fancy, this crowd-pleasing salad is a cinch to make. Perfect for dinner parties or simply treating yourself, this recipe brings cabbage, beets, beet greens and tangy feta to the table for a starter you won’t want to finish. (via The Nomadic Wife)

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