For fans of The Bachelor, this season was one full of regret, most notably from star Arie Luyendyk Jr., who admitted that proposing to Becca Kufrin during the show’s finale when he was still in love with runner-up (and now fiancée!) Lauren Burnham was a mistake. Contestant Bekah Martinez also has a few regrets of her own, but they’re not the ones you might expect.

Rather than wasting time lamenting her would-be relationship with Luyendyk Jr. (whom she now calls a “dodged bullet”) or her famous feud with show “villain” Krystal Nielson, Martinez simply says she wishes she would have been more in the moment.

“I wish I had opened up more and been more open to the experience,” she said in a new tell-all interview with cast mate Kendall Long and Vulture. “I was like a dog pulling at the leash… I was very resistant because I like being in control…. I don’t like being told what to do and I would get mad because producers would be like, ‘Okay, seven in the morning, get camera ready. It’s time to do your interview.’ I wish I hadn’t resisted at every turn and been so stubborn. I wish I had just been like, ‘Okay.’

Luckily, it sounds like she may get a chance for a do-over, as she also revealed to the outlet that she and Long (AKA the newly dubbed #TeamBendall) will “probably” be on Bachelor in Paradise. “They just started reaching out to people,” she revealed, adding, “We’ll probably be on it. We’re excited because who knows who’s going to be coming from Becca’s season.”

One thing Martinez *doesn’t* seem to have many regrets about is raking her ex over the coals for hurting her friend on social media. As she explained to the outlet, “… He decided to publicly air his dirty laundry, which leaves him open to public critique. As someone who’s on the show and in the public eye, if I have an opinion about it, it makes sense for someone like me moreso than a viewer.”

She says she particular took issue with him DM-ing her and other ladies from the cast behind his fiancée’s backs, noting,“… I wasn’t the only contestant he was DM-ing while the show was airing. It wasn’t just me and Lauren, there were other women as well.”

Her outspokenness has admittedly lost her a few fans, however — namely, Arie and Lauren. “I guarantee Lauren didn’t know he was messaging me. Lauren doesn’t like me,” she said, later adding, “I highly doubt [Arie] wants me in the audience of his wedding. I mean, I wouldn’t say anything, I’d just be live-tweeting it.”

Read the ladies’ interview in full here.

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 (Photos via Paul Hebert/ABC)