If there is one major drawback to living the life of a 21st-century globetrotter, it’s a pesky case of jet lag. The undesirable side effect of gliding over multiple time zones will not only leave you in an involuntary lunchtime nap, but can also result in noticeably tired skin. If there is anyone who knows how beat the beauty setback like a total pro, it’s an international supermodel. More specifically, Bella Hadid.

Just like Victoria Beckham did last week, supermodel Bella Hadid recently gave Vogue get an inside look at her beauty routine. In the video, she starts with a bare face that’s battling some pretty dark under eye circles. She attributes those to “traveling for two months straight.” Fair. To combat her tired skin, she immediately reaches for the concealer.

As she applies the concealer with a Beautyblender, she tells viewers,”Just wing it, you know? Put it everywhere. Imperfections are still beautiful.” Bella primarily focuses on her under eyes and a few blemishes around her nose and chin.


If you’re in a pinch, you could top that with a bit of foundation + mascara and leave it at that or if you want to go for a full face, continue copying Bella’s routine with some bronzer, highlighter, a touch of eyeshadow and some lip gloss.

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(Photo via Andreas Rentz/Getty)