It’s hard to decide which is the very best day of the year. Our birthdays? Perhaps. The first day of summer? Maybe! But there’s a very good chance that the very best day of the year is today. That’s because today is FREE Ben & Jerry’s Cone Day! Yay! Yum! Woo!

Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day

“Since 1979, Free Cone Day is our way of thanking our fans for being awesome,” Ben & Jerry’s tells us. So if you make your way over to your fave frozen treat peddlers today between 12 and 8pm you will receive a free ice cream cone. Dessert dream come true!

Black woman eating ice cream at the park

According to the poll on B&J’s website, 30 percent of ice cream lovers who plan on grabbing a free treat today will opt for Cherry Garcia, only 23 percent will go for Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough comes in as the winner with 47 percent. Which will you choose?

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(Photos via Ben & Jerry’s/Facebook, Massimo Merlini/iStock)