Benefit Cosmetics knows the power of good brows. Not only is an on-point brow shape enough to change up your whole look (just ask Jessica Alba!), but thanks to the brand, it can now help you to change the world聽by aiding other women in becoming their best selves.聽Bold Is Beautiful聽is聽the new initiative from the company that聽aims to empower women and girls, thanks to donations funded through your聽brow waxes.

For the entire month of May, Benefit will donate 100 percent (read that: 100 percent!)聽of the proceeds from its brow waxes to charities like Girls Inc., Dress for Success, Girl Develop It, Step Up Women鈥檚 Network, The Princess Project, and Look Good Feel Better.聽While each charity differs in its services, all share the common goal of making women鈥檚 lives better, whether that be in the form of career mentoring or providing a prom dress for a teen in need.

For the cost of a single service, you can make a difference in someone鈥檚 life by providing a week of hands-on programming for one girl, for instance. Get up to six waxes, and you just helped a woman in need suit up for her next potentially life-changing big gig.聽Benefit鈥檚 2017 goal is to raise $6.8 million dollars globally, and $2.7 million here in the US.

To break that down for you: That聽means one brow wax helps Girls Inc. provide one week of hands-on programming for one girl, or聽it helps The Princess Project send a teen to prom, or it goes to fund聽Look Good Feel Better, which provides beauty workshops for women coping with cancer. Two brow waxes help聽Step Up fund school supplies for one freshman girl for 30 weeks of after-school programming, and three brow waxes help聽Girl Develop It support a woman building her first website. Six brow waxes help聽Dress for Success suit a woman for her job interview.

That鈥檚 so much good that can be done with your regularly scheduled brow wax!

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(Photo via Benefit Cosmetics)