If you’re a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank, you know that there have been a lot of weird and unconventional products on the show — like wine for cats or an alarm that wakes you with the smell of bacon. While the sharks encounter a few duds here and there, the show has actually launched a ton of inventors’ careers and brought a bunch of new and innovative items to the market since 2009. And 2018 was no different: Here are our favorite fresh inventions from the show that can make your life happier, healthier, and easier.

1. GoodHangups Magnetic Display System ($15 for eight): Apartment dwellers know the woes of trying to find the best way to patch up those walls when they move, since it’s either that or face never getting their deposit back. But these magnetic poster hangers keep your walls hole-free, so you can decorate without having to worry about damage.

2. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook ($27): Taking notes in class never felt so futuristic. This notebook lets you use an app to send your notes off to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneNote, Slack, or iCloud — and your microwave to erase its pages when you’re done writing on them. Keep track of everything you need in exactly the right place, and save paper doing it.

3. CreaClip Hair Cutting Set ($24): Save time and money spent at the hair salon with this pair of handy tools that help you give yourself (or a family member) a flawless trim. It’s especially great for maintaining bangs between visits or keeping kids’ hair nice and neat.

4. The Spatty Daddy Spatula Tool ($9): Do you know how much makeup gets wasted just because the last bits of it are stuck at the bottom? This spatula fits through even teeny-tiny bottlenecks so you can squeeze every penny out of your expensive beauty products. (You can probably find plenty of other uses for it around the house too.)

5. HoodiePillow Inflatable Travel Pillow ($25): Stay comfy and cozy, even when you’re buckled into that tiny airplane seat. The HoodiePillow keeps your head warm and your neck supported so you can rest and hopefully avoid too much of that dreaded jet lag.

6. Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler ($20): Say goodbye to spelunking for your phone or finding fossilized french fries in between your car seats. These seat gap fillers do exactly what they say on the tin and stop up those gaps so you don’t lose change, food, or your phone to your car’s “no man’s land.”

7. Nerdwax Glasses Wax ($15): The most annoying part of having glasses is having to constantly push them up your nose — even when they’re fitted correctly. This little tube is full of a special cosmetic-grade wax that will add some desperately needed friction to your frames.

8. Fresh Patch Disposable Grass Dog Potty ($29): In the rain, snow, or otherwise icky weather, taking the dog out can be unpleasant. Plus, some of the more finicky dogs out there can put up a fuss when it’s too wet outside. Now your pup can stay comfortable with a nice patch of real grass to use indoors when they need to go but can’t go outside. It’s also great for training puppies!

9. Bridal Buddy Bathroom Slip ($35): It’s inevitable: Every bride in a gown will face that difficult, awkward task of having to control a wedding dress in order to go to the ladies’ room. As much as you love your bridesmaids, some experiences are better left unshared, and this simple slip is perfect for brides who want to get back to dancing without any wardrobe malfunctions.

10. PhoneSoap 3 Universal Cell Phone Sanitizer and Charger ($60): Bad news: No matter how hygienic of a person you are in general, your phone is a hotbed of germs. This charger fights back, wiping out 99.99 percent of bacteria with UV light so you can stop spreading them all over your hands and face.

11. Simply Fit Board ($40): People who absolutely hate to exercise might actually have some fitness success with this simple balance board. The twisting and pivoting motions will leave you feeling like you spent time on an ab blaster workout, even if you just used it while watching Netflix.

12. Q-Flex Acupressure Massage Tool ($25): Pain and immobility don’t mean you have to spend beaucoup bucks on a professional massage therapist. This curved tool helps you target hard-to-reach knots on your back or anywhere else on your body while keeping your arms or legs in comfortable positions so you don’t strain yourself even further. Sweet relief!

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