Guys, we鈥檙e at the end of the week, and it鈥檚 time to sit back, relax and maybe hang out鈥 with your smartphone. It鈥檚 Saturday, and best apps of the week time. (Totally cool if you want to do a little dance). This week, we鈥檝e got lots of cool new photo apps, including one that acts like your personal photo assistant and another that lets you collage four mini-vids together to create the ultimate Instagram post. Your friends are going to be so jealous. Check out what we have in store for you below, download if you want and go back to your bottomless brunch we鈥檙e certain you鈥檙e indulging in at the moment.


1.聽Pool: Pool is an app that allows you to聽easily share photos with all your friends. Think of it as a digital photo assistant. Plus, you can select which of the photos your friends have shared you聽actually聽want to download, so you鈥檙e not bombarded with 100+ blurry pics that you don鈥檛 necessarily want.

DL It: Free聽on iOS and Android


2. Inspr: Ever have a super cool app idea but you just couldn鈥檛聽put it into words? Instead, you need to聽show聽your friends what you鈥檙e talking about. Enter Inspr, the mockup app that allows you to build samples of your app to show your pals and help illustrate exactly what you鈥檙e genius new idea is. You can insert images, adjust settings, add widgets and more. Brilliant.

DL It:聽$1.99聽on iOS


3. Artico: Artico is the Android app that aims to streamline your home screen and add some artistic, minimalistic yet colorful flair to your smartphone. It uses vector icons for a particularly crisp appearance 鈥 it鈥檒l have all your friends聽checking out your phone.

DL It: Free聽on Android


4. Be Forever Me: Be Forever Me is that app that lets you record moments 鈥 either in picture or video format 鈥 and let you save it. Forever. The app has a searchable 鈥渄igital memory鈥 that allows you to access all your files. The best part is you can access all the memories your friends choose to share as well.

DL It:聽Free聽on iOS


5. Faceparty: This app is an absolute must for anyone who want to bring their Instagram game from zero to 100 鈥 or for anyone who just really likes collages. Record four separate mini videos and pop them right into the Faceparty template for a GIF-collage. Easily upload these collages onto social media or share them with your friends.

DL It:聽Free聽on iOS

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