Are you ready to make your smartphone even… smarter? Yes, we’re talking about apps, because you know they make your life waaaaaay more entertaining. It’s Saturday, which means it’s that time again to check out what the best apps for the week are — and boy, do we have some good ones. We scoured the app store for what goodies were released this week, and we’ve got one kind of incredible video storytelling app from CNN and an app that was inspired by a mega viral Vine. Also, there’s an app in this roundup that takes selfies like you’ve never seen them before. Enjoy.


1. TapTag: TapTag is a super cool app that allows you to see photos taken by other users at an earlier point in time in the exact location you’re standing. Pretty neat, huh? Also, the app has a social feed that helps you keep up with all the goings on of your fellow TapTagging friends.

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2. Spark: This app is fantastic for those in a creative rut. With the tap of a screen, you can have creative prompts right there in your palm. And of course, there’s a social aspect built in. If you happen to find a particularly good prompt, you can send it along to your friends.

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3. Great Big Story: Great Big Story wants to inspire you to go out there into the world and live your best life. This app allows you to share videos and view some of the awesome adventures — from a weekend brunch to someone parasailing — that are happening in other parts of the world. It calls itself a “storytelling” app, and there are definitely some incredible stories being told out there right now.

DL It: Free on iOS and Android


4. Why You Lying?: This app is a good example of taking a good thing and running with it. The app developers created an app from that super viral “Why You Always Lying” Vine. Pretty hilarious stuff. You just ask a question, place your finger on the “lie detector,” and the app will decide whether or not you’re telling the truth. If it deems your statement a lie, that obnoxiously catchy hook starts playing. Consider yourself warned.

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5. #NoSelfie: Sick of selfies? #NoSelfie is that app for you. When you open up this super tongue-in-cheek app, it starts up your self-facing camera… but with a big black box squarely blocking out your face. It’s pretty funny. After you’ve snapped your photo, you can easily share it with the tap of an icon to your various social media platforms. We’re sure your friends are going to appreciate this.

DL It: Free on iOS

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