Yeah, we may have learned that we actually only use about three apps on a regular basis this week, but that won’t stop us from seeking out the latest and greatest apps of the week. This week’s DL options involve teaching you to drive without distractions, a beautiful Instagram viewer, a VHS-style video recorder and more. Check ’em out below, then get to adding them to your smartphone STAT.

focus app

1. Focus: This app is not only innovative, but it’s also super important. Whenever you get behind the wheel, this app focuses on making sure you drive screen-free with zero distractions by training you to not pick up and look at your phone (and making you feel guilty if you do). Once you hop in the car and start driving, the app will automatically start tracking your drivetime action. If you pick up your phone en route and look at your screen, you’ll be reminded to put it down and focus on the road. If you don’t, you’ll get the wrath of the app. Then once your trip is done, you’ll be shown a report card, and can send it to anyone you choose (friends and fam). This should be a DL for every single driver, because distracted driving needs to end.

DL It: $9.99 on iOS

flow app

2. Flow for Instagram: If you’ve always felt like Instagram has been missing some features, then this companion app will be your savior. This app turns your Instagram feed into a grid layout, making it easier for you to browse content. Even better, you can bookmark hashtags, places and users so you never miss a moment from your fave content producers. This app also lets you zoom in on images and plays videos in fullscreen. Yeah, this is definitely an upgrade from the standard Insta app.

DL It: Free on iOS

google keep app

3. Google Keep: Google’s answer to Evernote provides plenty of productivity features. With this app you’re able to share, edit and collab on notes with others on a variety of different devices. You’re also able to organize those notes with labels and colors to find them more easily and record voice memos that are automatically transcribed. You can even get location-based reminders for notes to pop up when you get to a specified spot. Your chores, errands and overall productivity just got waaaaay more efficient.

DL It: Free on iOS + Android

vhs camera recorder app

4. VHS Camera Recorder: Give your Instagram videos and photos an authentic #TBT feel with this camcorder device. With plenty of effect and filter options, you’ll be able to easily transform your visual content to look like it’s straight from the ’80s. No need to press rewind on these VHS moments.

DL It: $0.99 on Android ($3.99 on iOS for similar app)

threads app

5. Threads: Want to become the next big funny social media star? Then you gotta add this texting generator to your phone. Easily create SMS memes filled with your own funny fake texting convos on the fly, then easily share them on your social media platform of choice. Before you know it, you’ll be saying anything with anyone and becoming an Internet sensation in the process.

DL It: Free on iOS

Will you be downloading any of these apps over the weekend? Did we miss any cool new apps? Let us know in the comments.