What do you get when you mix an energy drink, classical music, talking to strangers, home renovation and speaking a new language? You get this roundup of the best apps of the week, including four newcomers and one update worth downloading — or updating, you early adapters you, to turn your long weekend into a productive three days of learning new things and meeting new people. Go you!


1. Clashem: When Red Bull makes an app, they make a surprisingly cool app that just might become your new favorite way to watch user-generated video. Clashem pits two random five-second-or-under videos against each other. You swipe for your fave and watch it rise through the leaderboards. In its early stages, the app is v “bruh”-friendly, filled mostly with skaters and extreme sport videos, but it will be interesting to see if Clashem can go more mainstream and be at least the next Vine.

DL It: Free on iOS

2. Simply Piano: I like to believe that smartphones CAN actually unlock the power of knowledge with a few simple swipes and taps, and the latest buzzy download is proving my hunch correct. Like Duolingo (more about that one later) for learning how to piano, this innovative iPhone app helps you tickle the ivories with real time feedback in a Just Dance method of teaching.

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3. Project Color by the Home Depot: It would not be cool of us to withhold all the awesome that is an app that will help you make your next home renovation that much easier. Or at least your Pinterest board for your next home reno that much prettier. This DL from Home Depot lets you see, match and test out colors whether you’re sprucing up an accent wall, staining your deck or totally redoing your home. Upload a photo of your room or project, get creative with thousands of colors and share the possibilities with friends, families or Pinterest followers.

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4. Space: If you ever feel like you’re just floating in space, with seemingly no one to connect with, this is the app for you. It’s working to obliterate that feeling by linking you with the people around you. Another app trying earnestly to help you make connections, you’ll see what conversations are happening near you, have the ability to join them, start your own questions and peace out whenever you want.

DL It: Free on iOS, coming soon on Android


5. Duolingo: While this is usually a roundup of the best new apps of the week, this pick at least proves you can teach an old favorite new tricks. The easiest way to learn a language just got a cute aesthetic upgrade that has brains behind its beauty. A new cast of characters is here in Duolingo to help teach you one of dozens of languages, letting you further visualize the people, places, things and scenarios you will soon be speaking in.

DL It: Free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

What was your favorite app of the week? Share with us below!