Every Thursday, we find ourselves refreshing Instagram all day long — um, even more so than usual — thanks to all those sweet #TBTs. What started as a fun way to bring original Facebook favorites back for another round of Like-ing, and a way to give “real” photos a digital life in our new collective photo album, has turned into its own weekly holiday. From a now-and-then for a close friend’s bday to a shout out to Mom on Mother’s Day, there’s an appropriate post for every theme. And even the celebs we follow have gotten in on the act! We rounded up a few of our fave #throwback Instas (maybe a couple Tweets, too ;) below.

1. Beyonce: Meet the original Sasha Fierce on B’s ‘Gram.

2. Lea Michele: Okay, okay this is on Twitter, but we will accept this peek at the Glee star’s first big break.

3. Drake: Before he was the champagnepapi, he was just a dorky Pepsi kid.

4. Amanda Seyfried: We would have killed for that skirt back then… and we might still rock it now.

5. Taylor Swift: She might not have had the red lips and the cat eye makeup way back when, but those signature curls are still totally there.

6. Donald Glover: Whether you know him as Troy on (the recently canceled) Community or his rap alias Childish Gambino, this throwback graduation (?!) pic is a classic. Bring back the white suit, boys!

7. Reese Witherspoon: The superstar actress and mama posted her very first Vogue photoshoot from 1991. #Brunette?!

8. Barack Obama: He may not be as regular a poster as the others on this list (and his best throwbacks might not even be on Thursdays) but this shot of the President and the FLOTUS on their wedding day is aw-worthy.

9. BravoTV: With a slew of stars happy to overshare it’s no wonder that Bravo kills it when it comes to cute throwback pics.

10. Britney Spears: The pop star/our dance spirit animal posts regular throwback album covers, but it’s the old Britney (Six Flags hat, y’all) that we live for.

11. Katie Couric: Kickin’ it in black and white or poking fun at her old anchorwoman ‘dos, Yahoo’s new global anchor is a regular #TBT contributor.

12. January Jones: The Mad Men beauty crushed all your #TBTs with this bad boy. Well played, JJ

Bonus: Our ex-bf Justin Timberlake posted this #TBThursday on Twitter today and, well, we had to bring you all on this walk down WTF memory lane.

Happy #TBT everyone! Tweet us your #TBTs at @BritandCo and follow us on Instagram here!